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We are a collective of nerdy voices. You will find reviews, ramblings, essays, pontifications, nonsense... mostly nonsense. We gravitate toward movies, music and comics but nothing is out of our nerdy scope. You'll find a lot of trailers and posters, if you want the latest movie casting news, there are 100 other rumor mills out there, we try and stick to confirmed news and reviews. If you are looking for deep meaning and esoteric discussions; you'll be sad. But don't fear, we will over analyze and find meaning where there is none. This is the stuff you could, but choose not to, live without.

Fire off an email if you want to write a review, have an idea for an article, a suggestion for the site, something isn't working for you or if you just want to tell us how wrong we are. We take criticism very well, plus, sometimes we are wrong and if you find an erroneous tidbit floating about, please, let us know. Send all email to nerds@nerdynothings.com. If you have something in mind for a specific nerdy nothings contributor, keep scrolling down and you'll find them. If you have a hot new movie or mp3 you want us to ramble on about, send it along. We're almost positive 5 people read this blog. You don't want to miss out on the the opportunity to WOW them.



Noah Nickels (Sean Kealey)

I started this website in May of 2010 as a place to air my nerdy ramblings on movies and music. When I realized there were a lot more nerds with equally expansive opinions on all things pop culture, I opened the doors to anyone with a keyboard. I studied film editing at Columbia College Chicago, but design websites and papery goodies to bring in the actual do-re-mi.

He's always available for criticism or deep thoughts here.


Spaceman Spiff (Andrew Stamm)

Spaceman coordinates all things comic-related here at Nerdy Nothings. He's mostly a Marvel man, but will read anything that has great art and a good story. In the real world he is a professional Web & Graphic Designer located in Chicago. He spends his free time learning digital photography, advancing his Web Design knowledge and roaming Chicago with his Nikon digital-SLR in hand.

Fire an email off to Spaceman here.


Rebel Rikki (Eric Garneau)

Rebel Rikki is a freelance writer and musician living in the south suburbs of Chicago. Also, he used to own a comic book store. His favorite author in any medium is Grant Morrison, and he pretty much worships at the altar of Bruce Springsteen. In addition to Nerdy Nothings, he writes for the blog Cover Me and plays bass in Chicagoland rock cover band Take Cover, because creating original content is for the birds.

Let Rikki know what you think here.


Surely Steiner (Emily Jorgensen)

If you need to know anything Scott Pilgrim related, this is where you turn. In addition to all things Pilgrim and Edgar Wright, you can find Surely musing on diverse topics ranging from The Decemberists to Glee. Her life's dream is to make hip handmade crafts for a living. In the meantime she's a professional writer who resides in Chicago.

To get into a war of words, that you will surely lose, email her here.


Grisly Gunnar (Aaron Pinkston)

Grisly Gunnar is a regular schlub who watches a lot of movies. More movies than some who are paid to watch movies. He also graduated from the University of Illinois with a degree in Cinema Studies, so he knows a lot about movies, too. An oft-time critic and podcaster, Grisly loves expressing his views and shining a light on good cinema. Bad cinema has its moments, too.

Give Gunnar your opinion here.

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