Arc & Stones: Arc & Stones EP

on December 03, 2012

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Above all else, the self-titled debut EP from Brooklyn, NY duo Arc & Stones is a solid rock record. It’s the kind of music your friends who hate “indie rock” spend their nights craving. These five tracks run a range of styles and emotions that recall a great alternative/hard rock band in their prime. These guys would have been huge in the late ’90s. — more

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Vajra: Pleroma

on November 16, 2012

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New York four-piece Vajra’s debut album Pleroma is the most pleasant of surprises. The first track kicks in with its treble-y, melodious bass and ominous drums and you think “oh, I get it – this is Tool.” But if you wait just a few seconds, the stately vocals of lead singer Annamaria Pinna enter the fray and you realize you’re in for something different. — more

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Scarlet Hollow: What If Never Was

on November 14, 2012

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The members of Ventura, CA four-piece outfit Scarlet Hollow are clearly metal connoisseurs. For What If Never Was, their first full-length record, they’ve culled together ten impressive tracks that pull their influences from across the genre – the intense riffs of death metal, the melodic keyboards and sweeping solos of power metal, and even, in places, the grandiosity of early proto-metal pioneers like Heart. This is a hefty list of influences to wear, and Scarlet Hollow tributes them all with noteable skill. — more

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All 22 James Bond Themes RANKED and RATED

on November 07, 2012

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Analyzing James Bond theme music is kind of like a study in the law of diminishing returns. It’s so fascinating, in this film franchise with now 50 years of history, to see the way each film’s producers decide to present their music. It wouldn’t exactly be fair to say Bond themes have “evolved” since 1962, at least not in any organic way–there’ve been lots of stops, starts, and looks to the past for inspiration. In fact, every time the Bond franchise seems to want to push forward musically, something pulls it back a bit. That’s part of what makes this analysis so interesting. — more

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Why Do People Go to Comic-Con?

on July 16, 2012

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Eric Garneau covered the San Diego Comic-Con for The MindHut. These are his personal reflections on going to the show for the first time.

Early Thursday in the crowded Room 6DE, before comic writer Jimmy Palmiotti dove into a few of All-Star Western‘s upcoming plotlines for DC’s Dark/Edge panel, he had a few words for the people assembled before him at the San-Diego Comic Con. “I’m so glad you’re here,” he said “because you are the real comic fans.” — more

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Arc in Review: Rick Remender’s Secret Avengers #21.1-25

on April 22, 2012

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Marvel’s Secret Avengers has taken on its fourth regular writer in under two years, and it’s one that perhaps fans would not have instantly associated with the property. As of issue #21.1 Rick Remender (Fear Agent, Punisher) has taken the reigns of Marvel’s covert ops superhero team. Now, four months later (with issue #25), his first proper story arc has come to a close. How he’d do? — more

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Arc in Review: Princeless #1-4

on April 09, 2012

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Last week we published our commentary on the 2012 Eisner Award nominations, and I lamented that every year it seems like I never read enough books to know most of what’s up to win. As it happens, the author of one of the nominated books (several noms, actually!) saw the article and e-mailed me asking if I’d like to check out his work. Well, of course I would! So this morning I sat down and read the first four issues (the first story arc) of Princeless. — more

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Delayed Gratification and Genre Mixing in Scott Snyder’s Swamp Thing

on April 08, 2012

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When Scott Snyder and Yanick Paquette’s Swamp Thing #7 saw release, it was met with generally spectacular reviews, at least in part because after six issues the book finally delivered on the promise in its title — it finally featured Swamp Thing. Not many mainstream comics would wait over half a year to introduce their main character to audiences; a decade ago it was a noteworthy when Brian Michael Bendis waited just a couple months to do so in Ultimate Spider-Man. So why did author Snyder choose to wait, and what effect does it have on the series as a whole? — more

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Arc in Review: Action Comics #1-8

on April 07, 2012

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After what some (well, me at least) might consider a rocky start, Grant Morrison and Rags MoralesAction Comics reached the end of its first arc with a pretty satisfying confrontation wherein Braniac forces Clark Kent to choose between his adopted home and his biological one. It was nature versus nurture for the fate of the planet, and Clark’s solution — which found a way to incorporate both — saved the world and set him on the path to becoming the Superman we all know and love.

But how does Action‘s first arc measure up as a whole? — more

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What I Read 4/4: Daredevil, Animal Man, iZombie and more…

on April 06, 2012

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I can’t read every book every week, but I read the ones I think I’ll like and write about them here. — more

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