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Dan Clowes Chats About His Upcoming Movies | Comic Nothings | Nerdy Nothings

Dan Clowes Chats About His Upcoming Movies


In this wonderful little interview with Vulture, Dan talks a little smack about Kick-Ass, then retreats a bit, and then goes on about several languishing films and some that are ready to roll. Hit the jump for more.

You seem to bristle whenever anyone brings up Kick-Ass …
I’ve actually never read or seen Kick-Ass. I just know it came after The Death-Ray [first appeared in Eightball], and when it came out, people said, “Oh, that’s a lot like The Death-Ray,” and now that this book has come out after the movie, people are like, “Oh, that’s a little like Kick-Ass.” And that’s the kind of thing I deeply resent, so I don’t want anybody thinking I’m responding to it.

The thing is, your protagonist has special powers, and a weapon. The guy in Kick-Ass has neither.
Oh, he doesn’t? I didn’t know that. [Laughs.] See? That’s very different. I won’t even have to address this question anymore. Now I know. I’m glad you told me. It’s more similar to Thor or something. [Laughs.]

Are you still scripting an adaptation of Wilson?
I finished a draft, and everybody seems very happy about it. Alexander Payne was making another film that was all ready to go, Nebraska, and Wilson is next. I’m about to go to Omaha in a few weeks to talk to him.


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