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Exclusive! Nerdy Nothings interviews Emanuela Lupacchino | Comic Nothings | Nerdy Nothings

Exclusive! Nerdy Nothings interviews Emanuela Lupacchino

Emanuela Lupacchino

Since its relaunch several years ago, Peter David’s X-Factor—which focuses on Jamie “The Multiple Man” Madrox and his team of mutant private investigators—has been one of the most consistently inventive and fun titles put out by Marvel. Not quite fully in the X-Men realm of things, but using many of those famous characters and ties, David has carved out his own little corner of mutantdom. Things have only gotten better lately as Italian artist Emanuela Lupacchino has stepped into the role of regular artist. Her work has really breathed new life into the characters. She recently took the time to talk to Nerdy Nothings about her influences, how she got started on the series and what the future holds.

Nerdy Nothings: Could you start by telling us briefly how you got your start in the industry? Where did you get your first break and what were some of the projects you worked on before coming to X-Factor?

Emanuela Lupacchino: Well, I started working on X-Factor several months after I made my first contact with Marvel for some try-outs. Since that moment I never stopped sending my pages until they offered me my first work as a Marvel artist. Before I became a Marvel artist, I worked on an Italian series called “L’Insonne” and then I did a short story for France, on Mag Lanfeust (Soleil). But I didn’t only work on comicbooks, I also worked as a character designer for role-playing game books and as an illustrator too.

NN: How did you come to work in American comics with X-Factor for Marvel?

EM: I think if I had to choose a series to work on, I would go for X-Factor. So the series was the one that chose me! That was a great thing for me. But I couldn’t really say how it happened. It just happened. I can only say that I worked hard to improve my artwork, since that was necessary to get to the professional artistic level needed to work in a big company like Marvel.

NN: What is it about working on X-Factor that is so enjoyable for you? I take it you were a fan of the series before you came on board?

EM: Yes, I was a great fan of that series since “The Longest Night“, by Peter David, Ryan Sook and Dennis Calero. I immediatly loved these characters and the way that Peter David handles their adventures. When I came on board I felt at home, because I knew the series structure and the main characters. So I really enjoy working with the X-Factor team!

NN: Who have been some of the biggest influences on your artistic style?

EM: I definitely love Dave Stevens and “The Rocketeer” is my favorite comic-book ever. His art inspired me ever since I first discovered it. I also really love artists like Steve Rude, Kevin Nowlan, Adam Hughes and Ryan Sook. These are my five stars in comicbooks. But of course, artists like Norman Rockwell, Leyendecker and Mucha inspire me very much. Their artbooks are always with me while I work.

NN: How long have you been reading comic books and what are some of your favorite series?

EM: It’s definitely been a long time that I’ve been reading comic books. They have always been present in my life, since I can remember. My favorite series are X-Men, X-Factor of course, Hellboy, Catwoman, The Avengers, Thor and JLA-JSA. But I really love all kind of superheroes in the world!

NN: Do you feel that being a woman in a mostly male-dominated industry gives your work a certain perspective that other artists may lack?

EM: I definitely don’t think so. What comicbook artists do is to tell a story, and the world that men know is the same world that women know. Of course, we can see the same things in many different ways, but basically each comicbook artist finds his/her own way to tell a story and his/her own style to do that, and it depends on their background, their knowledge and their sensibility.

NN: Do you have a favorite character to draw and why?

EM: I really love to draw Archangel, from the X-Men. What I particularly like about him are his wings. I think it’s pretty beautiful to see how he uses them to fly, while usually other superheroes use a supernatural kind of power.

NN: Could you give us an idea of what projects you’ll have coming up in the future?

EM: Actually, the future is coming day by day and in this world things change very quickly. For now I hope to stay here on X-Factor for a long time, because it’s one of my favorite series ever. The team I work with is great and Peter David’s adventures are simply super-exciting to draw. So if my future is to stay where I am, I’ll be very very happy to do so!

NN: If you had your choice, what series or character would you most want to work on?

EM: I’d love to meet the X-Men and The Avengers, one day. I love The Avengers also because they’ve two of my favorite characters with them: Spiderman and Thor. I’d be happy to work with Zatanna or Catwoman as well, as they’re both two characters that I really enjoy drawing.


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