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Millar’s Hit Girl Gets Her Own Book


This past weekend Mark Millar doled out some deets on some upcoming projects, of which one is a Kick-Ass spinoff book focusing on Hit Girl. Millar says:

“What I wanted to do was just use all my Hit Girl ideas in the comic… It’s horrible. It’s all of the most horrible things that I couldn’t fit in Kick Ass, but I’ve loved doing it.”

Sounds like it could be fun, and along with that Millar has three other projects on the books. You can read about those here. Mr. Millar seems to be spreading himself awfully thin, lets hope he focuses enough attention on these and we get some quality over quantity. Mark Millar is a veritable idea factory but I’m thinking he should be shipping some of these books off to other writing teams instead of trying to tackle the entire workload himself. Some of his writing has become a little generic, which may be a consequence of his two-ton schedule.

UPDATE: CBR has an exclusive look at the cover here.

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