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New 52 Shake-Up: Six Down, Six Up


It was only a matter of time before DC Comics began playing with the titles that comprise their New 52, and according to Newsarama – with backup from DC’s official blog The Source — that’s exactly what they’re doing. As of today, six titles have been added to DC’s roster, some of them obvious and others less so, while six have been axed. What’s gone?

-Hawk & Dove
-Men of War
-Mister Terrific
-Static Shock

And what’s new?

Batman Incorporated (Grant Morrison, Chris Burnham) – this is no surprise at all; we all knew this was coming back for a “second season” some time in 2012, though how it will fit in to DC’s new universe remains to be seen.

Dial H (China Mieville, Mateus Santoluoco) - based on the old “Dial H for Hero Concept,” this book’s billed as a “bold new take” that’s deeply “psychological.” I’ll check it out.

Earth 2 (James Robinson, Nicola Scott) - where did the Justice Society go? Right here! DC says this book will have the team reality-hopping, which is fitting given their origin. Unfortunately, Robinson scripting means an instant pass from me.

GI Combat (JT Krul, Ariel Olivetti) - replacing Men at War is this resuscitation of the old DC yarn The War That Time Forgot. I’m not impressed with the writer, but it’s nice to see Olivetti getting more work. DC also promises backup features like The Unknown Soldier from Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray and Dan Panosian, as well as The Haunted Take from John Arcudi and Scott Kolins. Those will probably make this book worthwhile, even though it’ll be set at $3.99.

The Ravagers (Howard Mackie, Ian Churchill) – A Teen Titans/Superboy spin-off that… sounds a lot like Teen Titans. Four superheroes run because they don’t want bad men to do bad things to them. Okay. Cheesecake art and probably a ’90s style of scripting… no thanks.

World’s Finest (Paul Levitz, George Perez & Kevin Maguire) – A tale of an alternate-universe Huntress and Power Girl trying to find their way back home. I haven’t been impressed with Levitz’ writing in the past two decades, but man, DC couldn’t have found better artists for this.

DC’s certainly keeping their eye to diversity with these newly announced titles; there should be something for everyone there. As far as the canceled books, if you look at their first month sales report it’s not too surprising; these books were basically at the bottom of the pile either financially (OMAC) or critically (Hawk and Dove). While a few of the low-selling books have gotten reprieves (I, Vampire seems to have picked up steam, while Grifter and Voodoo look like part of a long-term plan), it does make me wonder how other titles at the bottom of the list will fare in a few months — Jeff Lemire’s Frankenstein: Agent of SHADE, for instance, wasn’t looking too hot, although his Animal Man seems to be the “It Book” of the New 52.

What’re your thoughts on the cancellation? What would you have liked to see come or go instead? Share your thoughts below!

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