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Numbered and Renumbered: What’s the Point?


Spaceman Spiff says: So, DC is tossing 52 new #1 issues at us in a few months, renumbering such long-running series as Action Comics and Detective Comics, and today we get news that Uncanny X-Men will be ending its run in a few months, surely to be taken over with a new series starring the mutant team, and, of course, a new #1 issue. Blatant marketing aside, what’s the point? Do Marvel and DC really not respect our intelligence enough that they don’t expect us to see through these shameless ploys? And honestly, what’s the point of numbering comics at all? If no mind is going to be paid to previous issues and series will just be rebooted and renumbered at will, just get rid of the numbering system altogether. Want to know what issue of Batman you just picked up? Easy, it was the August 2011 issue. It’s time to lose the numbers and ditch this marketing insanity.

Rebel Rikki says: That’s a really interesting proposal, Spaceman. I imagine at some point a comic company executive must’ve thought of it (they always seem to be looking at new ways to do things, even if they’re not good ways). I’d be curious to know what the objections are from the industry. It would certainly frustrate collectors and possibly retailers — and it would seem to require a pretty stringent monthly release schedule — but I think it would cut down on a lot of the bogus relaunches and number games that Marvel and DC like to play play. Last year’s Deadpool #900 and #1000 were line-in-the-sand moments for me, and this Uncanny announcement just makes things worse. If companies are going to treat issue numbers like they’re meaningless, why not commit to that fully?

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