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My pull list… 06/03/10

Avengers Prime

My pull list for June 3rd, 2010

With the Memorial Day holiday on Monday new comic book arrivals are delayed by a day this week and it appears the Big Two are offering a somewhat lean slate of books this week.

That being said, I am curious to check out the Marvel mini-series, Avengers Prime. Written by current mastermind of all things Avengers related Brian Michael Bendis and pencils by famed artist Alan Davis the series is worth checking out based on the creative team alone. Here is Marvel’s description of the series;

They were friends, brothers and teammates through all of Marvel’s greatest adventures, but recent events turned them into the bitterest of enemies. In the wake of the Siege of Asgard Thor, Iron Man and Steve Rogers are brought together on the same side once more, but these great heroes can’t truly trust each other yet. They better start soon because something only the Big Three can handle is tearing their world apart. This all-new, grand and dangerous adventure will catapult our heroes into the explosive Heroic Age and will unite comics legend Alan Davis with Avengers scribe Brian Bendis for the very first time.

The $3.99 cover price is a bit of a turnoff, but the bi-monthly schedule and the slim selection of new books this week will offset that for me. The first issue will be in stores on Thursday.

Some other books I’ll be checking out this week include Thanos Imperative #1, which will tie into recent events in The Guardians of the Galaxy, and the latest issue of Demo, an excellent mini-series published by Vertigo featuring the creative team of writer Brian Wood and artist Becky Cloonan.

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