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My pull list… 07/28/10


My pull list for July 28th, 2010

Hey everyone, I’ve missed a few weeks with the ‘ole “My Pull List” column—what can I say, it’s summer and there’s a lot going on—but, we’re back in business this week, and there’s a lot of good books to highlight so let’s get started!

Jeff Smith built up a mountain of goodwill with his critically acclaimed series Bone, an outstanding mix of fantasy and humor, so expectations were high when his new series RASL was announced. Frankly, I’ve loved RASL so far and I really admire Smith for following up Bone with something so completely different and wholly original.

RASL is really to complex for me to adequately sum up here (though, some highlights include time travel, art thievery and Nikolai Tesla), but two things are for certain, Jeff Smith’s art is still gorgeous, he’s probably the best black & white comic book artist working today, and this story only gets more and more intricate and compelling with each issue. RASL #8 hits the stands this week.

In the Marvel universe, the X-Men crossover “Second Coming” has officially wrapped up and now we get to see what direction the two big X-books will take in its aftermath with Uncanny X-Men #526 and X-Men: Legacy #238. I’m particularly excited for this issue of X-Men: Legacy as it features the return of penciller Clay Mann; his previous work on this series was absolutely spectacular.

Also from Marvel we get Brian Michael Bendis’ new issue of Secret Avengers with #3 of that series, and we get a double does of everyone’s favorite Canadian, clawed mutant with Wolverine Origins #50 which wraps up that series from writer Daniel Way, and Jason Aaron’s Wolverine: Weapon X #15.

The big issue from DC this week, at least for me, is the newest issue of Grant Morrison’s Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne. Issue #4 comes out this week as we follow the adventures of Bruce Wayne as he drifts through time.

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