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“Second Coming” Scheduling Woes? | Comic Nothings | Nerdy Nothings

“Second Coming” Scheduling Woes?

So… Marvel’s ultimate plan for the X-Men books was to have “Second Coming,” the current crossover running through the books for the last three months, wrap up and lead right into the X-Men’s new “Heroic Age” status-quo in the Marvel Universe. However, after looking through their current schedule online it looks like there are a few delays that may screw the pooch for Marvel.

X-Men #1 hits the stores on July 8th, the same week as  X-Force #28, which is the penultimate chapter of “Second Coming,” two weeks later than originally planed… and if I were a gambling man, I’d be pretty sure that X-Force is gonna end with a cliffhanger. X-Men: Second Coming #2, the final issue of the crossover, comes out a week later on July 14th… so what to do with X-Men #1 when it comes out? Put it on the shelf for a week in case it has any spoilers to the end of “Second Coming?” Wouldn’t be the first time Marvel has had this problem… it wasn’t that long ago that they had this same problem with Captain America: Reborn.

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