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Why I read comics… #001

Why I read comics… reason #001:
Guardians of the Galaxy

Spaceman Spiff checking in, ready to talk comic books, music, movies and more comics here at Nerdy Nothings. Ok, first post… so let’s just keep it simple! There are many reasons that I read comic books, and I’ve been doing so for close to twenty years now. But let’s get started with reason number one…

Comic books really do have something for everyone; from Neil Gaiman’s mix of horror, fantasy, mythology, religion and family strife in The Sandman, Brian K. Vaughn’s blend of sexual politics and post-apocalyptic dystopia (plus a monkey…) in Y: The Last Man, Frank Miller’s appropriation of film noir in, well, pretty much everything he’s done to Jeff Smith channeling Looney Toons with the Lord of the Rings in his series Bone. And I haven’t even gotten to the wildly different, but effective, approaches of writers such as Warren Ellis, Grant Morrison, Mark Millar and notably, Alan Moore.

But sometimes, all it takes to make your reading experience worthwhile is a wiseass talking raccoon with a really big gun…

Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning’s Guardians of the Galaxy had been out for a while when an ad featuring Rocket Raccoon caught my eye. Despite not being familiar with Marvel’s “cosmic” line of books I decided to give it a shot and picked up the first trade paperback.

I expected to be overwhelmed with past continuity, but was met with nothing that a few short minutes on Wikipedia couldn’t clear up. The first issue clears up some loose ends from a preceding crossover and introduces us to our main characters, and from the first page where we see him (sitting in a bar, tossing back a few) I knew Rocket Raccoon would be a favorite.

While the book has generally had a pretty consistent series of artists, the real force behind the series is Abnett and Lanning’s writing. They manage to deftly combine action, humor and science fiction with some genuinely touching character moments. The humor is what has really kept me coming back to the series, with the above panels from issue #24 leaving me in stitches for several minutes.

There’s plenty more to say about Guardians of the Galaxy, but maybe you should just run out to your local comic shop and find out for yourself. Until next time…

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