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Amazing Spider-Man #658

Amazing Spider-Man #658


If the recent writing work of Dan Slott could have a baseball equivalent—hey, it’s spring… indulge me!—I think his recent work on Amazing Spider-Man would be best compared to the onslaught of the Yankees in the late 90′s. The hits just keep coming. Rarely have I read a comic book that was as much fun as Amazing Spider-Man #658. There’s a definite Silver Age feel to this issue, but without it feeling dated, and a large part of that is in thanks to the artwork of Javier Pulido. Normally I might feel sorry for anyone who’d have to follow the great Marcos Martin, but Pulido’s work really shines through here and it has some similarities to the work of Mr. Martin. I don’t know what else to say about the art in this issue, it’s just a big ball of fun to look at.

The story starts out in the apartment of Mr. Peter Parker—Dan Slott has really had fun in giving Peter the chance to revel in some success for once—as him and new girlfriend, Carlie Cooper of the NYPD CSI unit, are about to engage in some Adult Situations. Of course, as you knew would happen, this is interrupted by not only a distress call from the Fantastic Four/FF/Future Foundation, but also a page from CSI for Ms. Cooper. Peter goes off to join the Richards family in saving the universe while Carlie is soon on the scene of what appears to be a very mysterious crime.

If the setup sounds somewhat familiar what follows certainly isn’t. Slott and Pulido have a load of fun as Spider-Man joins the FF—the costume situation as Spidey tries to join in is certainly one of the funniest things I’ve read in a while—first in repairing a time rift in Paris, then journeying to the microverse to save a sentient living giant-atom, and then journeying to the far future to meet the FUTURE Future Foundation at one of the coolest headquarters I’ve ever seen.

My only concern about this issue revolves around the cliffhanger Dan Slott leaves us with, I won’t give any spoilers, but it seems dangerously close to sitcom territory. Fortunately I have faith in Slott to surprise me as this plot twist builds, he’s certainly earned it in the last year. I can’t say this enough, Amazing Spider-Man is consistently on the top of my to-read pile, and it should be on yours as well.

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