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Aquaman #1

Aquaman #1


Guest post by: Mr. Marlo

Simply fantastic. This is everything a first issue of a comic reboot should aspire to be. All in Aquaman.

See, the title wasn’t italicized, cause it’s regularly italicized, because it’s a book title, but I wanted to put emphasis on it, so I unitalicized it, to hit the joke. But… I’m sure that came through clearly.

I didn’t expect great writing in dialogue or story (very well done by Geoff Johns). I didn’t expect great art (loved Ivan Reis’ stuff). I didn’t expect Aquaman to have a hot girlfriend (but I’m glad he did). About all I expected was for DC not to royally screw things up. Of all the Aquaman I’ve read before, I love the stories that make him a badass with a heart.  And that’s what’s done here.

Aquaman’s back. He gets jokes lobbed at him from every angle. Doesn’t care. He’s generous, but only to nice people. He saves the day, though no one calls on him to do so. Aquaman’s an anti-hero! I love it.

The entire issue is a very clean trip through what makes Aquaman tick, including some family history, a show of his powers (now including semi-invulnerability), and a clever backslap to the notion that he ‘talks to fish.’ It’s all neatly put-together and it feels like there’s plenty of room to breathe, which I found impressive. Oh, and there’s a book-end showing the upcoming baddies. Necessary, I guess. I didn’t really care about it. But I’m fairly over “evil fishmen from the sea” as bad guys. They have sharp teeth. Ooooo.

All in all, this was a delightful read. Geoff Johns clearly has a well-formed sense of humor, mystery, and drama and is absolutely perfectly paired with this hero. I give it a firm KEEP IT.

tags: aquaman, geoff johns, ivan reis, the new 52

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