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Avengers Prime #2

Avengers Prime #2


Comics Review:
Avengers Prime #2

Sometimes you buy a series because it features your favorite characters, maybe because it’s a #1 and you’re planning on stockpiling it away to pay for your firstborn’s college education, or maybe the holographic die-cut foil gatefold cover caught your eye… or maybe that series just features a creative team that you find too good to pass up. For me and Avengers Prime the latter was the case.

I never cared for The Avengers series of books in Marvel’s stable growing up, and it wasn’t until I checked out Brian Michael Bendis’ work on The New Avengers that that changed for me. And to see him teamed up with Alan Davis, well that made buying this series a no-brainer. I first came across Davis’ work in X-Men reprints growing up, and later on when he launched Excalibur with Chris Claremont, and to see him  back on the drawing board for a series featuring three of Marvel’s biggest characters is definitely a treat.

Avengers Prime takes place directly after the events of “Siege” and puts the strained relationships—leftover from the “Avengers: Disassembled” and “Civil War” storylines—of former Captain America Steve Rogers, Iron Man Tony Stark and Thor front and center. I could fill you in on the backstory from issue one, but frankly it’s a lot of Asgardian mumbo-jumbo that I don’t wanna get into, basiclly Cap and Iron man are trying to leave their tensions aside as they unite with Thor to assist him with an Asgardian threat… the important thing is that issue #2 finds our heroes split up in a strange land none of them recognizes as they try to assess their surroundings and, more importantly, stay alive.

Bendis’ writing really shines through in this second issue as each character deals with their strange environs in a unique way that remains true to their character. Thor comes out swinging when confronted with the Enchantress, Iron Man has some good moments of levity as he deals with a group of trolls, and Steve Rogers fights his way out of a bar fight and seeks answers from a new-found female acquaintance.

The story is fun and engaging, but the real star of the show is Alan Davis. His art looks as good as ever and this issue features exciting layouts and his trademark clean rendering that shows why he remains one of the masters of the artform. It’s definitely a pleasure to see new work from Mr. Davis whose classic style holds up exceptionally well into today’s era of digital color and gradients whereas some artists from the past have trouble adapting their pencil work to the added detail the new coloring technology brings out.

If anything keeps this issue from earning an “A” it’s that most of the issue is indeed spent in a kind of expository buildup mode, but seeing how issue #2 ends I’d say we’re definitely in for some fireworks before this 5-issue limited series is over.

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