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Batman and Robin #15

Batman and Robin #15


I have written before about how the goal of art is to elicit an emotional response in its patrons. We all know that to be the case, right? Well if someone were to ask me what emotional response Batman & Robin #15 elicited I could only reply: frustration.

Imagine, if you can, if Wizard of Oz waited for a sequel to tell you if Dorothy got home; if Abbey Road ended with “Carry That Weight” and “The End” was left to begin another album. It would drive you mad, right? Well, say hello to Batman & Robin #15. Those of us who’ve been following writer Grant Morrison’s Batman opus since 2006 have been impatiently waiting for all the puzzle pieces to assemble themselves and now we’re so close but we just found out that the last few pieces we need weren’t in the box and the manufacturer will mail them to us in a couple weeks.

I realize this isn’t Grant’s fault, or anyone’s. It’s the nature of good drama to leave us wanting more. But seriously… one or two more words about who Dr. Hurt really is, a couple more panels to explain the last full-page splash… argh! It’s enough to make me crazy as the Joker.

Look. Batman & Robin #15 is a really good comic. I’m not totally on board with Frazer Irving‘s artwork in a mainstream super-hero book but it mostly compliments this story fine; his Joker is especially haunting. And Grant’s writing is sharp as ever; I can’t think of any other superhero creator who packs as much meaning into every scene and panel as he does. That kind of attention to detail ensures that readers like me will not understand everything that happened in this story for years to come, but we’ll keep trying because it’s so fascinating. Whatever title Morrison’s overarching Bat-story ends up taking for itself (“Batman & the Devil”? “Batman vs. the Ultimate Evil”? Those are bad. Come up with better ones for me, please), it’s almost guaranteed to be a classic adventure for the Caped Crusader. One more issue, and we’ll know for sure. Just one… more… issue.

Can’t it be November 3 yet?

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  • Mike M

    Yep I can’t wait either.Hopefully we will get some answers.

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