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Batman – The Dark Knight #1

Batman - the Dark Knight


With 52 new comic series from DC, and with so many of them featuring Batman or his cast of characters and hangers-on, a major goal of these new #1′s is to justify their existence. So, after five issues of the original Batman – The Dark Knight series from David Finch we get a new #1 and a new writer on board to help out plotter and penciler Finch. I never saw the point of the previous series, so the question hanging over this issue is once again, can you justify your reason to exist? There’s plenty of other Batman-related books on the shelves with the “New 52″ and this one, I’m sorry to say, doesn’t deserve to be sitting next to them.

I suppose in DC’s eyes, much of the draw of this book is to have David Finch on-board as artist. But frankly, his art here is kinda atrocious. Especially the faces. Bruce Wayne’s face, more often than not, makes him look like he’s a 55 year-old steroid user. Finch seems to feel that more lines in rendering faces serves some purpose… what purpose that is I’m not sure. He has some well-drawn panels, but more often than not they’re over-detailed to the point of muddiness.

Sure the writing is better than Finch’s original 5-issue run, and I’m sure thanks for that goes to new writer Paul Jenkins. But sadly, a lot of this we’ve seen before in the last month. Breakout at Arkham? Yup. Bruce Wayne making an important business speech? Check. A surprise return of a familiar villain done with a “twist?” Check.

I really have nothing good to say about this series, nothing original and exciting to justify space on your local comic shop’s shelf, especially with so many other good Batman options out there… namely Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s Batman series. I’m sure there are brief redeeming moments in this issue, but I’m struggling to think of them. Spend your Bat-bucks elsewhere.

Pull list verdict: DROP IT

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