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Captain America #606

Captain America #606


Comics Review:
Captain America #606

If you had told me a few years ago that I’d be looking forward to each new issue of Captain America every month I would’ve thought you were on crack. Having grown up on the “grittier” Marvel comics of the late 80′s and early 90′s such as Chris Claremont’s The Uncanny X-Men, Wolverine, and The Punisher I had always assumed that the character of Captain America was irrelevant and out of date.

But, slowly, I got drawn in by Brian Michael Bendis and his run on New Avengers and grew to appreciate the character of Steve Rogers as he led the team in the pre-Civil War era of the Marvel Universe. From there I took the plunge and dived into Ed Brubaker’s magnificent run on Captain America through the trade paperbacks. And I’m glad I did.

Captain America #606 continues Brubaker’s chronicle of James “Bucky” Barnes in the titular role. Now that Steve Rogers is back from the “dead” (see Captain America: Reborn) and has taken on the role of “top cop” in the Marvel world he has walked away from the shield and left his good friend and ally in the role of Captain America. This issue picks up not too long after the conclusion of the previous run with ‘Bucky Cap’ having seemingly killed the impostor Captain America who had been terrorizing the Mid-West. We start off with a reintroduction of the current Baron Zemo, delve into a flashback as Bucky and the Falcon tangle with the Wrecking Crew as the Falcon expresses his concern over Bucky’s current mental well-being after taking on the impostor Cap to Steve Rogers in a narration voice-over.

This issue is mostly set-up for the storyline to come as we see Baron Zemo gather the pieces together to settle his grudge with Bucky and as Steve Rogers and the Falcon try to get through to Bucky over his recent erratic behavior. Stepping in on art for ths run is Butch Guice. Starting with Steve Epting, one of the things I’ve most liked about Brubaker’s run on Captain America is the consistency of the art, both in style and in quality. And Guice is no exception.

I’ve always recommended this series to friends, and with the new “Age of Heroes” status-quo established in the Marvel universe, this issue seems like a great place to jump on board.

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