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Catwoman #1

Catwoman #1


Guest post by: Kenechi Ogbonnaya

Ah, Catwoman, one of my favorite villians revamped. Though I’m sure re-doing an already good thing is always quite hard, there’s definitely not much competition between this book and any other past comic.

On most pages, Guillem March’s artwork doesn’t grab attention in the way I think it should, and unfortunately that’s probably one of the nicest things I can say about this whole comic (other than that Selina Kyle has a super-sexy haircut). Catwoman is supposed to be a sexy, sleek character, and I get that (a chick in leather=HOT!), but most of the artwork focuses on how sensual she can be. For some that will be awesome, but the butt shots, the pouty lips, and the super cleavage do not, I repeat, DO NOT need to be on virtually every panel. Although, forewarning, you should be prepared to fan yourself during the last few pages. Let’s just say you can figure out how Helena Wayne originally came into the picture in the older comics.

Even Judd Winick’s writing could use a serious leg up (or, in the spirit of the book, extreme chest exposure). With the whole “let’s begin at the beginning” idea, I figured at least part of the comic would explain to you how she became such a sleek killing/stealing machine. It kind of just jumps right in there, no explanation really, and with flashbacks we’re supposed to understand?! I think not. That is unfortunate, and so are the not-so-clever puns that are strewn across the pages.

This comic could be so much better. Although I am a bit disappointed in this first issue, I think that the next one should improve. I put this book ON PROBATION.

tags: catwoman, guillem march, judd winick, the new 52

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