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Kick-Ass 2 #1

Kick-Ass 2 #1


Last week I was shocked to see Mark Millar’s sensitive side on display as he teamed with Leinil Yu for the creator-owned series Superior, but this week things seem to be back in order as Millar—finally—drops Kick-Ass 2 #1 on us with John Romita Jr. back behind the artboard. Honestly, it’s like the last series never ended—and maybe it wouldn’t have if they weren’t rushing a movie into the theaters—the over-the-top violence is back, though restrained in this issue it appears to be that is definitely to be short-lived.

Similar to the way the first series was written this first issue is narrated by Dave Lizewski in the past tense as he gives us a few hints at what has happened between the end of the last series and this story as well as providing us with a tease of things to come. Here’s a hint… it doesn’t look good!

Kick-Ass is back in the green scuba suit and training on the sly with Hit Girl, Mindy McReady, as she tries to adjust to domestic life with her new guardians, attending birthday parties and not-so-successfully trying to smuggle in an AK-47 inside of a teddy bear. Kick-Ass is still hanging out with his two best friends at school and is still spurned Katie Deauxma for faking-gay. However, now he has some allies in his quest to become a real-life superhero and much of this issue focuses on the beginnings of a ‘Justice League’ like group of like-minded heroes. We meet a new hero in this issue as Dave hits the streets and actually holds his own for once in a fight with some street kids.

John Romita Jr. is perhaps the most reliable penciller in the business—you know what you’re going to get when you pick up an issue, and that is quality artwork, but it’s still always a pleasure to behold. This is a solid start to the follow-up of a very solid first series—even if the movie version did go a little astray. The hints Millar drops about what we have in store for us for the rest of the series are positively tantilizing. A good sign of things to come for us readers, if not so much for Dave Lizewski!

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