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More Quick Hits: Reviews of WildCats #30 and more… | Comic Reviews | Nerdy Nothings

More Quick Hits: Reviews of WildCats #30 and more…

WildCats #30

WildCats #30: Well, this is it. The end of Wildstorm comics. After delivering us such gems as the Authority, Planetary and WildCats 3.0 the imprint is being folded and the characters will be stored away for a future fate. As far as sendoffs, this is a little bit of a letdown… this issue certainly wraps up many of the loose ends from the World’s End arc that’d been running through all Wildstorm comics, but as far as hints for the future there are none. And let’s face it, the Earth is still in pretty bad shape. The World’s End story started off pretty promising, but about halfway through I felt they hit a major downturn when they mixed together the Authority and WildCats teams. That just never worked for me. But it was always a fun ride, I’ll be looking forward to the new beginning! B

The Invincible Iron Man #33: Part NINE of this storyline! Phew… I’ve been a little down on how much this arc has dragged on, and I wish I could say that it ended with a bang, but no… having a story this long wrap up due to backroom negotiations is something of a letdown. To say the least. Sheesh. Nonetheless, there’s a few interesting threads left dangling that should be fun to read in upcoming issues of Iron Man—next issue this series magically switches to issue #500, is anyone else of Marvel bouncing back and forth between #1′s and prestige issues like this #500?. Larroca’s art as always is pretty solid and understated, and he does great work drawing all the mech elements of the Iron Man corner of the Marvel Universe. B-

Superior #3: Another strong issue of this mini-series from Mark Millar and Leinil Yu. Superior gets more and more used to using his super powers for good, and the media finally catches on to the true nature of the miraculous events that had been happening around the world at his hands. Also the true nature of the Space Monkey revealed? The ending to this issue definitely left me shocked! A

Uncanny X-Men #531: Greg Land’s art doesn’t usually bother me, but I had some problems with this issue… namely characters’ expressions not matching the implied tone of their dialogue at all. Ah well, still this has been an interesting story so far from Matt Fraction and—starting with this issue—Kieron Gillen. More and more mutants fall victim to the mutant flu cooked up by Sublime Inc., while their new synthetic team of X-Men ripoffs make the news while the few mutants unexposed to the virus—Angel, Storm, Pixie, Northstar and Dazzler—try to watch over San Francisco and the threat in Chinatown. B+

X-Men #6: Finally, the vampire storyline wraps up. All I have to say is that at the hands of Chris Claremont—despite all the faults his writing can have—Jubilee was one of my absolute favorite characters. The way Claremont played her and Logan off each other was fantastic, and later on when Gambit was brought aboard the team they also had great chemistry as the two newest X-Men in awe of their other teammates—post X-Tinction Agenda when the reunited team traveled to the Shi’ar Empire. But I think it’s safe to say that no writer since Claremont has known how to handle Jubilee… and now she’s a fucking vampire. Doesn’t that just prove my point. Sigh. Next issue starts a new arc with Chris Bachalo on art, I’m holding out hope this series will improve. C-

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