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New Avengers #7

New Avengers #7


It’d probably be a tad disingenuous to say that New Avengers #7 was my favorite book of the week… especially since I only had one title waiting for me from my pull list. But I find it hard to imagine that even against stiffer, or any, competition that it wouldn’t retain that title. In a lot of ways this book is more fun than the flagship Avengers title. Part of that is the diversity of the team—not a Thor, Captain America or Iron Man in site—and part of it, a big part actually, is the growing quality of Immonen’s pencil work. This was a fun issue that resolved a few issues, raised a few more and looked great doing it all without a single punch being thrown. Detractors will say it’s Bendis putting his talking heads mode into overdrive, but I loved it.

Picking up directly at the end of the first—and pretty awesome—arc of this series we see Luke Cage and the rest of his team dealing with their demolished Avengers Mansion, hammering out who is actually on the team—three cheers for having Iron Fist on board!—getting real paid—well, most of them—and filling some job openings, namely they need a butler for the mansion and the Cages need a nanny. Who they got for the roll of nanny was spoiled for me months ago, but that scene was still well-executed and enjoyable and still came with something of a shock. As for the new butler, that was a pleasant surprise and I won’t ruin that for anyone here.

Critics will point out the lack of action in this issue, or it’s place as something of a “fill-in” issue between larger arcs, but for me these types of issues are often the most fun and Stuart Immonen makes it look every bit as good as if he was drawing the first issue of a game-changing storyline. This book always has been and will continue to be at the top of my reading pile… even when it’s the only book in the pile.

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