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Quick Hits: Reviews of Amazing Spider-Man #639 and more… | Comic Reviews | Nerdy Nothings

Quick Hits: Reviews of Amazing Spider-Man #639 and more…

Amazing Spider-Man #639

Yesterday I reviewed Avengers Prime #2, you can read my thoughts here, and now a quick rundown of the other books in my pile this week.

Amazing Spider-Man #639: Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada continues his “One Moment in Time” storyline—started last issue and following up the controversial “One More Day” arc of a few years ago—handling both writing duties and artwork, along with Paolo Rivera. As this storyline seeks to shed light on the changes to the Spider-Man world, and more specifically what happened to his marriage to Mary Jane Watson, this issue doesn’t really offer any mind-blowing revelations… let’s hope the last two issues of this arc offer more surprises. C

Captain America #608: Ed Brubaker continues to run new Captain America Bucky Barnes through the ringer in this latest issue, as more of Baron Zemo’s plan comes to light and startling revelations are made about Cap in the media. Strong writing as always from Brubaker and even stronger art from Butch Guice as he proves yet again why he’s a strong replacement for Steve Epting. A

Secret Warriors #18: More details come to light about Nick Fury and company’s assault on HYDRA bases in China. Writer Jonathon Hickman continues to weave his web of espionage in this issue, though surprisingly the team of Secret Warriors that Nick Fury has put together, and who have been the focal point for much of this series, don’t factor in at all. B

Ultimate Comics Avengers 2 #6: Mark Millar and artist Leinil Francis Yu (following up his work on Secret Invasion) wrap up this storyline that introduced both the Punisher and Ghost Rider to the Ultimate Marvel universe. Yu’s art is a little lacking in this issue, and overall this run was a bit of a letdown from Ultimate Comics Avengers, but Millar does manage to pull out a few twists by playing with our expectations, and that was nice to read. B-

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