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Quick Hits: Reviews of Avengers #14, Unwritten #26 and more… | Comic Reviews | Nerdy Nothings

Quick Hits: Reviews of Avengers #14, Unwritten #26 and more…

Avengers #14

Avengers #14: With Avengers being written by Brian Michael Bendis and drawn by John Romita Jr. you know you’re going to get a solid comic every month, what’s less than certain, however, is how the current ‘Fear Itself’ crossover is going to effect the title. In this second tie-issue we start to see a theme developing as Bendis uses a lot of talking-heads style documentary narration to deliver his story. I’m still on the fence about whether this works or not, it displaces the reader somewhat from the action by delivering the story in the past tense, and truth be told, the story here is pretty thin, as the bulk of the issue is a showdown betweel the Red Hulk and a possessed Ben Grimm. What doesn’t disappoint is the artwork by John Romita Jr. Though Bendis’ narration style mostly failed to add any meat to this fight scene at least is still looks good. Also, how many times will Bendis use the phrase “one of the all-time greats” in an Avengers comic? C+
Review by Spaceman Spiff

Darkwing Duck #13: After last arc’s surprisingly tragic ending, issue #13 takes a bit of a breather. It’s a one-shot issue that humorously features an antagonist called One-Shot, a disgraced baseball pitcher and artisan who vows never to throw the same thing twice. That funny idea for a villain takes some attention off the relatively dour parallel plot of Darkwing searching the multiverse for his lost love Morgana, who sacrificed herself to defeat Duckthulu an issue previous. Darkwing has moved into a place where it’s a bright, happy all-ages book fueled by a tragic core. I wonder how long that will last, but that formula can lead to great art in other media (see: songs by They Might Be Giants, the first season of the show Glee), so I’m really interested to see where this book will go next. A-
Review by Rebel Rikki

Unwritten #26: Captured and at the mercy of his mysterious enemies, Tom Taylor and his two friends execute a daring escape in this week’s installment of The Unwritten. For a few pages, this book takes up the pace of an action movie/thriller as we see Tom mastermind a brilliant plan to get out of trouble. It’s a tactic this book seldom employs, but it’s not unwelcome. The rest of the issue helps to deepen Tom’s murky backstory; it even teases at a potential explanation of how it is a boy like him exists in the world. We also spend some time getting to know Mme. Rausch, the powerful puppeteer of people from a few issues ago. Very compelling, very great (as usual). A-
Review by Rebel Rikki

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