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Quick Hits: Reviews of FF #4, Darkwing Duck #12 and more | Comic Reviews | Nerdy Nothings

Quick Hits: Reviews of FF #4, Darkwing Duck #12 and more

FF #4

FF #4: Only four issues in and we’re already getting a fill-in artist? No offense to Barry Kitson—he does a great job here—but a big part of the reason I’ve loved this series so far—along with the last couple of arcs of Fantastic Four—was the artwork of Steve Epting. Ah well, like I said, Kitson does a good job filling in here, though his work doesn’t have the sense of foreboding that Epting brought. Storywise, Reed Richards—our Reed Richards—confronts Valeria about her secrets and the foretold ‘war of the four cities’ starts to unfold with an attack by Reed Richards—not our Reed Richards—on the Peak of Old Atlantis. This issue didn’t pack quite the punch of the first three in terms of plot, but I’m certainly ready to jump on board with where this series is heading. We also get another cliffhanger, but it’s hardly a surprise… what is, though, is the image that accompanies the teaser for issue #5, looks like someone is back from the dead! B
Review by Spaceman Spiff

Darkwing Duck #12: Darkwing‘s “Duckthulu” saga ends here, and so does the first year of kaboom!’s Darkwing comics. Has it been a year already? Throughout that time, Darkwing Duck has consistently been a fantastic read that literally appeals to all ages. It’s fun, funny and surprisingly heartfelt. That’s illustrated very well in this issue, which climaxes in a reality-warping showdown ala Grant Morrison and ends with an emotional punch in the gut. Though I was unsure of this arc’s Lovecraftian themes when it began, the final showdown between Darkwing and Duckthulu makes it all worth it. Artist James Silvani never disappoints; here he really shines with his design of Duckthulu, and his fantastic art jokes continue in a full-page spread in which Morgana Macawber contemplates what reality to send everyone to (is that Asgard I spy?). Here’s to another year (and beyond) for this fine book.  A-
Review by Rebel Rikki

Captain America #618: Things have certainly looked better for Bucky. Well, barely, he hasn’t exactly led a charmed life—what, with being blown up as an underage sidekick in World War II to becoming a brainwashed assassin for the Red during the cold war. Captain American continues to be one of the strongest and most consistent titles from Marvel, and, not to mention, one of their few titles that warrants the $3.99 price tag as we get another issue that features not a backup story but instead devotes it’s page count to giving us more story. A lot happens this month, more than I can sum up here, but it’s safe to say things look pretty bleak as Steve Rogers, Agent 13 and the Black Widow scramble to uncover the reason behind Bucky’s imprisonment by the Russians, as Bucky faces jailyard attacks and an escape attempt gone bad. there’s just one issue left in this storyline and something tells me it’s going to be a doozy. A-
Review by Spaceman Spiff

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