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Quick Hits: Reviews of Secret Avengers #9 and more… | Comic Reviews | Nerdy Nothings

Quick Hits: Reviews of Secret Avengers #9 and more…

Secret Avengers 9

Secret Avengers #9: My favorite issue of Secret Avengers in some time finally gives us something we’ve been missing since the first story arc: full team action!… or most of a full team, anyway. Here Steve Rogers and his covert Avengers team pursue the Shadow Council, who’ve captured one of their own. Artist Mike Deodato really brings it on this issue; his characters are both beautifully-drawn and full of energy, a balance that many artists have a hard time striking. Writer Ed Brubaker is no slouch, either, coming up with some really inventive ways to use the strange mix of characters tossed together in this Avengers team (and I mean that in a totally loving way). A-

Action Comics #897: After last month’s unfortunate compulsory crossover, Paul Cornell’s Action Comics gets back on track in a big way. In his drive to collect remaining bits of Black Lantern ring energy, Lex Luthor makes a troubling discovery: some of it is tucked away in Joker’s prison cell. So it is that one of the world’s smartest men must match wits with one of the world’s craziest. It’s really a treat to see Cornell take a crack at the Joker, and while I don’t necessarily agree with all his observations regarding the character, he brings an interesting perspective nonetheless. Similarly, artist Pete Wood’s Joker, while not my favorite visual interpretation of the character, is weirdly and incredibly compelling. Add to this stellar set-up some revelations about the larger trajectory of Cornell’s arc — does Joker know Death?! — and you’ve got a real winner. A

Justice League Generation Lost #18: Generation Lost has been moving forward at an impressive clip for months now, with no signs of slowing down or slacking in quality. In this issue, Max Lord sends a brainwashed Power Girl to wipe out Captain Atom, Max’s favorite target. When the rest of the Justice League shows up to defend their teammate, we’ve got a real fight on our hands. Besides having a really cool A-story, JL: GL also advances the plot of its B-story (featuring Jaime Reyes and Max Lord) in a tantalizing way. In addition, the issue features some really nice art from Aaron Lopresti. No doubt about it, Generation Lost is just a good comic. A-

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