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Quick Hits: Reviews of Transformers Infestation 1 and more… | Comic Reviews | Nerdy Nothings

Quick Hits: Reviews of Transformers Infestation 1 and more…

TF Infestation 1

Transformers: Infestation #1: IDW’s Infestation crossover gets its first taste of another universe as the zombie plague drops by the world of the Transformers. While last week’s Infestation #1 basically met my expectations for the crossover, Transformers has exceeded them. Writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning have found a way to make a zombie crossover have real connections to the IDW Transformers comics I’ve been enjoying for years, thus granting Infestation what many crossovers cannot accomplish: a feeling of significance. I’m intrigued by the way they connect the zombie plague to books like Spotlight: Kup and the Dead Universe saga, which were published years ago. Beyond that: I typically don’t like Nick Roche’s artist approach to Transformers, but something about it just works for me here. It’s so full of energy and lively that it really hammers home the frantic nature of this story. And I can’t forget colorist Joana Lafuente, who I think is this book’s secret weapon. Her bright hues reminds us why Transformers are so awesome to look at.  A

Batman Beyond #2: One of the things I really hate in the superhero genre is when heroes fight each other for no good reason. That’s pretty much the plot of Batman Beyond #2: Batman fights the Justice League while a madman holds hostages inside a mall. I don’t care what gymnastics the script wants to do to make that seem alright — although really, it doesn’t try all that hard — I don’t accept that Terry McGinnis would sucker-punch the Green Lantern without warning simply because he wants to save people a different way than they do. That’s weak. That aside, the rest of this issue is okay, and I’m really warming up to artist Ryan Benjamin. It’s not that I think his pencils are getting better, necessarily, but I’m starting to see the fun in his style. Still, not a terribly strong entry from a usually good read. C-

Brightest Day #19: Whoah, is this series getting back on track? This is the second issue in a row that’s made significant strides in moving the overall plot of the book forward, which is very welcome. Though the A-story here primarily deals with Aquaman as he battles Black Manta (which ends, in my opinion, very shockingly), we also get some great momentum coming from the Deadman/resurrection plot that’s meant to tie this whole series together. Couple that with terrific artwork from the likes of Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, Oclair Albert and Rob Hunter, and, well, I’m excited for this book again. B+

iZombie #10: Man, iZombie is good. A key trait of this series is juggling: it’s got a ton of major characters in play, and each issue likes to check in with at least most of them. That can become daunting when you only get a few pages from each character a month, but the overall story’s good enough to make remembering what you read (not to mention rereading) worth it. iZombie #10 delves further into the vampiric Galatea’s plot to do, well, something involving drugs, humans, and vampires; meanwhile its main character, Gwen, attempts to bring peace to a childhood friend. A good, good story from Chris Roberson made all the better by Mike Allred’s artwork — there’s nothing wrong with iZombie except maybe that you’re not reading it. A

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