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Quick Hits: Reviews of Justice League Generation Lost #22 and more… | Comic Reviews | Nerdy Nothings

Quick Hits: Reviews of Justice League Generation Lost #22 and more…

Generation Lost 22

Justice League: Generation Lost #22: With only two issues left to go, Generation Lost makes a few serious additions to its team. Without spoiling too much (although you could pretty much make an educated guess from the cover), the book gets the closest it’s ever been to reuniting the classic Keith Giffen/J.M. DeMatties JLI team. Doing so also serves to pile on the suspense building to the series’ final issue. Villain Max Lord seems to have launched his ultimate plan, one part grab for power and another part revenge against Wonder Woman, the heroine responsible for his initial death. Though I really liked this issue, I’m curious as to how or even if this series will address the issue of Diana’s identity loss central to J. Michael Straczynski’s recent Wonder Woman reboot. This issue certainly plays at it, almost seeming to make it a central issue. Is it all part of Max’s schemes? Dare I hope too much? Writer Judd Winick has exceeded many of my expectations with this series already… I can’t wait to see what happens next.  A

Batman, Inc. #4: Presumably in an effort to get this book’s release schedule back on track, readers get treated to a second installment of Grant Morrison’s Batman, Inc. this month. Though this issue partially follows the plot of the last book’s team-up with El Gaucho, Morrison also takes advantage of having a fill-in artist to color in some murky details surrounding his run on Batman. So while Batman and Gaucho duke it out in Argentina, we finally get acquainted with the backstory of Kathy Kane, the first Batwoman, who’s curiously popped up in a few flashbacks way back around RIP but remains a relative mystery to modern readers. As usual, Morrison seems to have found a sinister motive for bringing Kane into his story; somehow she’s involved with an international ring of spies and villains that have a vested interest in Batman’s downfall. Morrison smartly uses the current Batwoman, Kate Kane, as our entry point into this story. Kate’s been one my favorite additions to the Batman family in the past few years, so her presence is certainly welcome. As for the art, Chris Burnham (Amory Wars, X-Men: Divided we Stand) does a great job with the scenes involving both Batwomen, but I’m not totally sold on his interpretation of Bruce Wayne. It seems to heavily channel Frank Miller’s hunched-over muscleman, a take on the character of which I’m not too fond.  A-

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