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Superior #1

Superior #1


Writer Mark Millar has built a solid career on managing to shock his readers over and over again. This is the guy who unmasked Spider-Man and pitted Marvel’s superheroes against each other, who ran The Authority through it’s paces with Frank Quitely against a super powered redneck, and mostly recently, who introduced a 10 year old girl skilled with samurai swords—and pretty much every other weapon—and had a criminal mastermind crash Air Force One into a crowded Washington D.C. street and kidnap the president. So I was reasonably sure that there wasn’t much Mr. Millar could do that would still shock me. It turns out I was wrong.

The first issue of Superior introduces Simon Pooni, a young high school student and former star athlete who’s life has been thrown into disarray by Multiple Sclerosis. What truly shocked me was how sensitive and earnest this story actually is. Simon and his friend discuss a movie early on—the 4th sequel about a Superman like superhero named Superior—while Simon’s friend laments the lack of grittiness Simon himself defends it, siding with Superior’s decentness and lack of Wolverine-like violence. Certainly a long ways from Hit Girl hitting the switch to crush a car containing a squealing mobster.

Leinil Yu is an interesting choice for this series… after reading it I would’ve expected Millar bringing this to someone more photo-realistic like Brian Hitch, but Yu really does an outstanding job and delivers some killer action sequences of what turn out to be scenes from Superior 5 as Simon and Chris sit in the the theater with Chris wishing they’d gone to see that “Statham movie.” But as cool as those renderings are they all were pushed to the back of my mind as I turned a few pages and was introduced to the talking mystical space monkey, complete with astronaut gear. In what is a pretty straight-up and tender issue from Millar he still throws this over-the-top character into the mix and has it work.

Most of this issue was set-up for the last few pages where Simon Pooni has been deemed “worthy” by the talking space simian and granted his wish—which turns out to be to become Superior himself in real life. My only complaint was how short this first issue seemed, while I haven’t counted pages—I’m sure it was normal comic book length—I wish they would’ve added a few extra pages to allow us to spend more time with these characters we’ve only just met. I’m already jonesing for some more space monkey and will be looking forward to issue #2.

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