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Teen Titans #1

Teen Titans #1


Guest post by: Mr. Marlo

It’s all right here. Teens. Are. Dangerous. Won’t someone get these teens, or their hormones, under control? Gosh, these teens! I don’t know what to do with them!

Ok ok. I know. This is the territory I’m in. If you’re going to write a storyline where teens come together to form a superhero team, it’s got to focus on how teen superheroes would behave in the world. And writer Scott Lobell does a decent job framing the issue with a global epidemic of metahuman teenagers taking law into their own hands (hell, I’d do it too), which leads Robin, now Red Robin (aka Tim Drake) to form a team to keep these pesky teens under control.

By the way, Robin blames Batman for starting the teenage hero hoopla. Clever. And honest, I say. He broke the rules first. Why can’t kids do it too? Do as I say say, not as I do? Shuddup. I don’t care about your “years of training” and “self-discipline.” I want things!

So in this issue we get basically get a solid introduction to half the Teen Titans (Kid Flash, Red Robin, and Wonder Girl), a waft of our bad guy (N.O.W.H.E.R.E) and a teaser for Superboy. This was a great structural decision. I applaud this. On the other cheek, I give a fat “come on” to whoever decided to make the bad guy a vague, evil clandestine organization with a huge acronym for a name. Can we please not have anymore of these? Or at least can I get a limit on acronym size? No government actually plans out their groups to spell out a word when abbreviated. Or is N.O.W.H.E.R.E. privately funded? I’m looking your way, Lex.

Poorly named/talking/dressed bad guys aside, there were lots of good fundamentals in this comic. The story and dialogue were pleasing. There was real work done at defining each character — something you get to do by only introducing three people in a comic. And Brett Booth’s art was on the better side of so-so. Good, not inspiring.

I don’t like Robin’s re-design. I like capes, not wings. No birds can fly with their wings pointed to the front like that. That’s not how wings work. I’m willing to go along with it, though, because when Robin doesn’t have his wings out, he looks awesome. And I don’t know if Tim Drake was always the Robin who led the Teen Titans or if it was a reboot decision, but I love it. A leader that has an x-factor personality? Yes.

Guys, this issue was well done. It’s not perfect. And the story isn’t particularly captivating. So I say if you’re inclined to buy a book like this anyway, KEEP IT. Otherwise, probably borrow it from a friend.

tags: brett booth, scott lobdell, teen titans, the new 52

  • Anonymous

    Spot-on review, man. NOWHERE does seem to be kind of a silly villain, and I did feel some of the teen epidemic stuff was a bit overplayed, but I too found this book pretty solid. 

    One thing I’d like to mention — I really enjoyed how Kid Flash’s costume in the first sequence seems to be homemade, not at all like the one on the cover. The cover of this book, by the way, makes everyone look angry and awful, which isn’t really what it’s like inside. 

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