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The Walking Dead #80

The Walking Dead #80


Well… you gotta hand it to Robert Kirkman and the folks at AMC, after devouring all of the first season of episodes from the Walking Dead television series I was hungry for more. It took a while to track down all the graphic novels and back issues I needed, but after three weeks of severly anti-social behavior I had read the entire run thus far and was eagerly awaiting the arrival of this newest issue from Image Comics.

If there’s anything Kirkman does well it is setting up cliffhangers at the end of an issue. And the last issue definitely wasn’t an exception as we found our heroes’ compound in Washington D.C. surrounded by a herd of zombies. This issue picks right up from that cliffhanger as one group of survivors fights their way through the zombies to get back into the town, and we see Rick Grimes fully step into his new leadership role as he lays out their initial strategy for handling this situation.

There are a few additional surprises as well; hints of a new romance as well as the revelation of an affair by one major character. This issue mainly plays out like the calm before the storm, which I’m sure is coming. Kirkman has certainly shown a willingness to build things up before tearing them all down, and the last few issues have all served to build up the relative safety Rick Grimes and his group have had in this settlement in DC.

It’s almost hard to review a series such as this when it is consistently delivering solid content. This issue may not have the shocks of other memorable chapters but it does an admirable job to set the table for those suprises to come.

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