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Uncanny X-Men #538

Uncanny X-Men #538


There has been a lot of news about this title lately, but for the time being Uncanny X-Men is still running strong with issue 538. This month writer Kieron Gillen wraps up his debut storyline as the pieces fall into place with Kitty Pryde and the Breakworld refugees whom we first met in Joss Wheedon’s seminal run on Astonishing X-Men. I think the success of this storyline will utlimately depend on how invested the reader is in the fate of Kitty Pryde, and, to a lesser extent, the characters from Breakworld. And it is on that point that I’m kind of split on this issue.

I loved having a storyline where Kitty Pryde was able to take the spotlight. I enjoyed her struggles with her powers since being returned to the X-Men at the hands of Magneto, but beyond her inability to phase back into a solid form it felt that not much time had been spent with dealing with her as a character. Here Gillen let’s us see her as she springs into action against Kruun of Breakworld with a plan involving several of her mutant teammates, while no explanation is given at first to her reappearance after last month’s shocking cliffhanger it is explained in time, and, to me, it was fitting end to her power struggles that made sense to the story as well as tied in nicely with what we saw before in Joss Wheedon’s run.

Gillen also sees fit to wrap up some loose ends with Kruun and his band of Breakworld outcasts, and this in the end didn’t work as well for me. This plot seemed wrapped up a little more hastily and mostly I had never felt too concerned about the outcome of these characters, and it is only in this point that I feel this issue could have room for improvement.

As usual Terry Dodson doesn’t disappoint in the drawing department. Him and Greg Land have tag-teamed on this book for quite a while now and Dodson’s issues are always the ones I look forward to the most.

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