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X-Factor #212

X-Factor #212


Don’t let the “X” in the title fool you… this isn’t a typical X-book, and that can be a very good thing. For the last year or so Peter David has been tethering this title to the more mainstream Marvel universe, and to much greater effect than the newly launched X-Men title. And who can blame him? This has been a wonderful series for some time now, but it seems whenever David is starting to hit his stride he has to drop everything and delve into whatever X-crossover is currently underway. That’s not to say he ignores the X-Men completely, this latest issue ties very heavily into events that took place in Kyle & Yost’s recent run on X-Force.

This issue picks up with X-Factor and the mighty Thor facing off against Hela, Norse queen of the underworld, in Las Vegas all to decide the fate of Pip. Pip, the troll. Yes, a troll. Thor can’t quite believe it either, but nonetheless he leads our heroes into battle with quite a few twists that I didn’t see coming.

Art has always been the weak point of this series, but these last few issues with Emanuela Lupacchino have been a wonderful exception. My fingers are crossed that this is an artist who will stick around this title for some time to come.

What else to say about this issue other than that it’s a big pile of fun? We get to see Shatterstar leap into battle with joyful abandon, we get some words of wisdom from Strong Guy—Don’t question the nice god with the big honkin’ hammer—some secrets come to light regarding the father of Rahne’s unborn child, and we get to see Darwin step up in a big—very big—way, which looks to have some unforeseen consequences for the future of this team.

There’s no doubting that Peter David has a blast writing this series every month, he’s taken a misfit group of b-list X-Men others have created and truly made them his own. This issue has wrapped up the Las Vegas/Hela/Thor storyline and I’ll be anxious to see what corner of the Marvel Universe Peter David takes this team to next.

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  • Agent00Soul

    This issue had some really great Hela art. I think the use of so many of her costumes and the return of her perpetual angry expression was a thank-you to long time Thor readers by Lupaccino.

  • http://nerdynothings.com/about-us#spaceman Spaceman Spiff

    Agreed! She looked fantastic… I hope Lupaccino stays on this series for quite a while

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