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X-Force #27


Comics Review:
X-Force #27

The first month of the “Second Coming” crossover currently running through the X-Men related books from Marvel started off fast and furious, and delivered a big emotional impact in X-Force #26 with the death of a major, and long-time fan favorite character. As “Second Coming” moved onto its second month, however, things slowed down quite a bit as characters paused to mourn their lost friend and regroup their forces. This was necessary for the story I felt, but it just dragged on a little too long. Which leads us into X-Force #27, chapter 9 of the crossover…

X-Force #27 wastes no time getting to the action. The first thing the reader will notice is the complete lack of dialogue, exposition or sound effects for the first several pages as the various X-Men battle Nimrod sentinels sent from the future, merely a scouting party it turns out, by Bastion, the main antagonist of this crossover as well as most of this current X-Force series. At first this ‘silent’ approach turned me off, but the more I thought about it, the more appropriate it feels. It really serves to heighten the drama of the situation as any dialogue or corny one-liners would have lessened the sense of tension and urgency in the battle, especially in light of the damage inflicted on characters both old and new in the course of this battle.

With no dialogue in that first arc of this issue the weight of conveying the action really falls on artist Mike Choi. And it’s here where I think this section fails to work as well as it could have. I’ve been a fan of Choi’s pencils for sometime, but his storytelling in these panels is a little murky and hard to follow. I had to flip back through these pages several times in order to completely understand the progression of the battle, and even then, some panels are just hard to decipher.

The later half of the issue features Cyclops regrouping his troops, making plans for a pretty-major counteroffensive and letting the existence of X-Force, his ‘black-ops’ strike team led by Wolverine, be made known to the rest of his X-Men.

One of my favorite aspects of the X-Men related books in the last few years has been the emergence of Cyclops as a master tactician, and his plan as revealed in this issue is pretty inspired, and, as we see as the issue ends, fatally flawed. This second month of “Second Coming” may have slowed things down for too long, but this issue of X-Force definitely serves to up the threat and I’ll be anxiously looking forward to reading the next chapter in Uncanny X-Men #525.

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