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on October 31, 2011

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I love time-lapse photography, and do you know what makes any time-lapse better? Bladerunner, that’s what. Hit the jump to watch a beautifully photographed TL set to the music of Bladerunner. — more

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Serial, Super Serial: You Only Live Twice

on October 25, 2011


Super Serial aims to dissect series of pop art — be it a filmography, discography or run of comics — by looking at its individual components.

Coming off the disappointingly dour Thunderball, Lewis Gilbert’s 1967 You Only Live Twice tries to recover with an admirable attempt, but ultimately goes too far in the other direction. I like the many of the camp elements in this film — there are a number of genuine laugh-out-loud moments — but there’s definitely something troubling about the brand of humor the film employs. — more

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New Trailer: Hugo


on October 24, 2011

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I’m getting pretty excited to see Hugo. I just missed a preview screening a few weeks back. Nevertheless, I’ve been hearing a good buzz building. I love me some Scorsese, and even though this looks like a mild family film, it looks chock full of engaging photography and acting. I think this is gonna be one of the good ones this holiday season. Hit the jump to watch the newest trailer. — more

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Michael Winslow (Police Academy) – Whole Lotta Love


on October 20, 2011

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This just absolutely blew my mind! Who doesn’t remember Michael Winslow from the ‘Police Academy’ movies? Not me, I loved that guy as a kid. But this, this is something else. The solo at the end left me catching flies. — more

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It’s Here: The Avengers Trailer


on October 11, 2011

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I’m not going to lie to you, the first 15 seconds of this trailer make it look like this movie was directed by Michael Bay. After that initial scare, it gets a lot better. I am extremely pleased to see a lot of non super-hero interaction between the characters. Clearly, this isn’t a walk in the park, there are some huge egos at play here, Tony Stark I’m looking on your direction. And there is a lot of Downey Jr. in the trailer. It seems to me, with this first trailer, they want his sarcasm and wit to take center stage. I couldn’t get a great feel for how Ruffalo is going to play Bruce Banner, but from what we do see I trust he’ll do a great job. I could probably write an entire review based solely on this trailer, but I’ll let you guys handle that in the comments. Hit the jump to view the trailer. — more

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Serial, Super Serial: Thunderball

on October 10, 2011

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Super Serial aims to dissect series of pop art — be it a filmography, discography or run of comics — by looking at its individual components.

Of all the films I’ve seen thus far, Terence Young’s 1965 Thunderball is the first I have not enjoyed. Considering the greatness of Goldfinger, this is a big-time disappointment. The problem isn’t necessarily the filmmaking — I actually think this might be Young’s best-directed film, but it’s pretty lackluster all around. Looking through my lens for this series, the film doesn’t have the hook or the crooks to be memorable. — more

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Serial, Super Serial: Goldfinger

on October 03, 2011


The 1964 Goldfinger takes a break from the continued storyline established in the first two James Bond films and delivers the single-mission dose that I have been expecting from the series. And boy did this one deliver! Although I’ve liked all the films I’ve seen thus far, Goldfinger just feels like a Bond film — we have everything here at top gear, from the gadgets, to the car, to the theme song. It’s the perfect blend of good filmmaking and camp entertainment. — more

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Serial, Super Serial: From Russia with Love

on September 26, 2011

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Directly following the ending of Dr. No, James Bond is back in the adaptation of Ian Flemming’s fifth Bond novel, Terence Young’s 1963 From Russia with Love. That’s right, it’s a sequel, but from an earlier novel. This time, Bond must go to Russia to stop the evil organization SPECTRE from stealing a language decoder, because that is obviously a main concern for the world’s top super spy. But what Bond doesn’t know is that the plot has been designed to lure him into danger as revenge for the killing of Dr. Julius No. — more

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Serial, Super Serial: Dr. No

on September 19, 2011


There’s no turning back now. Twenty-two (plus a few) films already seems like a big venture, but you have to start somewhere. Enter: Dr. No, based on the sixth film in Ian Flemming’s novel series. — more

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Serial, Super Serial: An Introduction to James Bond

on September 11, 2011


I am pleased and honored to be taking over the reins for the next Super Serial, this on one of the most important film franchises/series of all time. Spanning 22 (+2) films over 46 years (and counting), the James Bond film franchise is certainly the most prodigious continual series to ever exist. Unlike any other set of films, it has earned huge successes and survived giant failures all while cycling through a number of tones, directors and stars. — more

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