The Damned Things directed by Brendon Small

on December 06, 2010

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According to a tweet from Scott Ian, this hilarious video was directed by one of my comedy heroes Brendon Small based on an idea by another comedy giant, Patton Oswalt. I hadn’t heard of this band before, but as i lived and breathed Anthrax as a youth, i might have to give it a whirl. This tune isn’t half bad and the video is pretty genius. Check-It-Out!

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New Trail of Dead Song!


on December 05, 2010

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And it’s a bruiser! This one kind of flew under the radar, but you can listen to it now at I hope this is indicative of the new album’s feel, because i am really digging this tune. The guitars are huge! The New …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead album, Tao of the Dead, is out on February 4: “Trail of Dead stripped down to a four-piece and recorded the album this past summer at El Paso, TX’s Sonic Ranch… The LP is split into two parts, Part I and II, each recorded in a different tuning (Part I is in D, while II is in F). Part I is divided into 11 tracks or chapters, which play together play one long song, while Part II is an epic, 16-minute-long track with six movements”

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Have You Heard: Forgetters – Too Small to Fail


on November 11, 2010

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It really makes me happy to see Blake Schwarzenbach—formerly of Jawbreaker and Jets to Brazil—putting out some new music. Jawbreaker was the soundtrack the majority of my high school years and not to mention, the first concert I ever saw—I snuck out of the house to go… I’ve been hooked on this debut EP from his new band, forgetters. Check out the second track from this release after the jump! — more

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Jonsi Live DVD and CD

on November 08, 2010

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Last Wednesday i was fortunate to see Jonsi at the Vic Theater in Chicago. It was an amazing show. the sound was tremendous and the normally dull visuals that backdrop most concerts were replaced with haunting animations that worked in lock-step with the music. By the look of it this DVD captures that sense of spectacle pretty well. I’ll be grabbing a copy on 11/29 for sure. check out a cool time-lapse video of an entire show after the jump. — more

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Have You heard: Sage Francis – Best of Times


on November 04, 2010

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I came across this gem yesterday. A collaboration between Sage Francis (lyrics) and Yann Tiersen (music). It’s part spoken word, part poetry slam, part indie-ballad, and equal parts hip-hop and Pavement. The lyrics are hilarious at times but are mostly a poignant reflection on the tenuous difference between nostalgia and memory. I’m not usually a lyrics guy, but these are some of the best. Check out this article for some cool nuggets from Sage on the collaboration.

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The Raveonettes cover I Wanna be Adored


on October 19, 2010

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A friend loaned me the eponymous debut of English rock band The Stone Roses back in high school. I never gave it back. It has to be difficult to cover a song like I Wanna Be Adored. On one hand you want to make the song “your own” and on the other, the song is already perfect. The Raveonettes do a kick-ass job of staying true and freshening the song at the same time. Give it a whirl and let me know what you think.

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Forgotten Gems: Loud Lucy – Ticking

on October 11, 2010

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Mid-90s power-pop holds a dear spot in my heart. I listened to bands like The Figgs, Small Factory and Urge Overkill religiously. In a similar vein was Loud Lucy, a small Chicago band that hit it pretty big with their only album Breathe and then fell away. The guitars are big, but Christian Lane’s voice is what sold me, one of those bad-ass raspy screams. Have a listen and let us know some of your favorite 90s bands in the comments.

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Happy Birthday John Lennon

on October 09, 2010

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Very much missed, he’d still be trying to change the world today.

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No Age – Everything In Between


on September 21, 2010

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No Age is one of those bands that seem to incorporate pieces of every band I grew up listening to. Clearly influenced by early nineties indie-rock bands like Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr. and Pavement. No Age blows out the speakers with giant fuzz but keep it cohesive with meaty guitar hooks. Weirdo Rippers is way up there on my list of favorite albums of the 2000s. Everything in Between is familiar territory, another noisy retreat back in time. Stream the full album after the jump. — more

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Have You Heard: Carl Barât – Run With the Boys

Carl Barât

on September 15, 2010

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As a fan of all things Libertines related I’ve been more than excited for a while about Carl Barât’s upcoming solo album… and listening to this single has me even more in a tizzy. Reminding me of later records by the Jam this song only cements my belief that Mr. Barât was an underlooked force in the Libertines and that Dirty Pretty Things were criminally underrated. Enjoy!

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