Eisley — Lincoln Hall, Chicago


on July 10, 2010

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Eisley at Lincoln Hall, Chicago — The Mild, Mild Midwest Tour — June 30, 2010

Eisley is a family band, led by sisters Chauntelle, Sherri and Stacy DuPree. Their brother Weston plays drums, and their cousin Garron takes on the bass. People tend to focus on this fact, when the focus should be on Eisley’s music. Sure, it’s cool that they’re related and don’t go all Noel and Liam on each other, but beyond the charms of a family band lies a rock band that’s ready to unleash their true creativity. If only they could capture their live sound… — more

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We Are Scientists – Barbara

We are scientists

on July 04, 2010

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I used to get annoyed with people who would take one album from one band, put it on a pedestal, and hastily dismiss any following work from the band because it wasn’t a blatant re-hash of the album they love. (See: Weezer, The Blue Album.)

But damn it, We Are Scientists. You’ve made me become that person. — more

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Ed Harcourt – Lustre


on July 02, 2010

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Ed Harcourt’s first studio release in four years is not a concept album, but the listener gets the sense that these songs were written by a man who has shifted gears and discovered a newfound sense of purpose in his life. On the album’s title track, he sings, “Lustre in the ruby red blood on my hands where you pulled out all the thorns.” You see, Harcourt’s tale is one of redemption: a “sad sack troubadour” saved by the power of love. This sunny new outlook, and one hundred eighty degree turnaround from his 2006 release, the brooding The Beautiful Lie is, no doubt, due to his subsequent marriage and birth of his daughter. — more

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Tokyo Police Club – Champ


on June 06, 2010


When Canuck rockers Tokyo Police Club were still chestnuts on the branch, KEXP was heavily rotating Nature of the Experiment from the EP A Lesson in Crime. Sidenote: KEXP has introduced me to a lot of new bands. A lot. I recommend streaming John in the Morning from their website, or if you’re in Seattle just tune in to 90.3.

We’re back. The tunes on the EP were short, scratchy, jam-packed with guitar hooks and lightly dusted with new-wave synth. Their second EP was more of the same, but contained the surprisingly bleak and poignant piano ballad A Lesson in Crime. The scene was set for a breakout LP. — more

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The Tallest Man on Earth

Tallest Man on Earth

on May 30, 2010

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Concert Review: The Tallest Man on Earth
@ Lincoln Hall, Chicago

The Tallest Man on Earth (aka Kristian Matsson) rolled into town on Friday night, and if you’re curious; no, he’s not really all that tall. But he does bring with him a big voice. And despite the Chicago show being the last of a string of 30+ shows that voice didn’t show any signs of wear. Playing the entirety of his current album, The Wild Hunt as well as some cuts from his earlier album, Shallow Grave, he held the capacity crowd in the palm of his hand for well over an hour.

I really can’t say enough about Kristian’s guitar playing, but the real star of the show is that voice. Combining the delivery of early Bob Dylan with a dynamic range that’s just incredible it really is a treat to see him take to the mic in person. — more

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