Nightly Nothings: Evil Dead Remake, Nick Frost Shrinks & New Bloc Party


Nightly Nothings: Take a cruise with Weezer & Ed Norton joins Bourne


on July 12, 2011

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Movie Nothings

Paul Rudd Boards Errol Morris’ Cryonics Movie based on an episode of ‘This American Life’

Edward Norton signs on for the role of villain in new Bourne movie opposite Jeremy Renner.

New Muppets poster! — more

Tagged: edward norton, errol morris, janes addiction, jeremy renner, paul rudd, the dark knight, this american life
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Nightly Nothings: The Beatles & More Hobbit Goodies


on July 11, 2011

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Movie Nothings

Spike Lee will direct ‘Old Boy’ remake.

Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows reveals first two character posters.

A look at Al Pacino as Phil Spector. — more

Tagged: al pacino, david schwimmer, james cameron, jj abrams, juan of the dead, mastodon, mumford and sons, oldboy, sherlock holmes: game of shadows, spike lee, Steven Spielberg, the beatles, the hobbit, the jungle, the king of kong, world war z
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Nightly Nothings: J. Edgar release date & Grant Morrisson talks Millar


Nightly Nothings: Coen Bros go 60s & First Look at Bilbo


on June 27, 2011

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Movie Nothings

Coen Bros next film takes on the NY folk scene in the 60s.

‘King of Kong’ director rebooting ‘War Games.’ That’s a remake i can actually get behind, it seems a much more plausible plot considering today’s technology.

First Look at Peter Jackson’s ‘The Hobbit’ — more

Tagged: cloud atlas, coen bros, Django Unchained, jamie foxx, Keira Knightley, mastodon, no doubt, peter jackson, santigold, seeking a friend at the end of the world, seth gordon, steve carell, the hobbit, the strokes, tom tykwer
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Nightly Nothings: Wolverine 2 & X-Men Regenesis


on June 16, 2011

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Movie Nothings

Live in Chicagoland? ‘Superman’ is looking for extras.

James Mangold to take over the reins on Wolverine 2.

Russell Crowe as Superman’s pop. — more

Tagged: academy awards, darren aronofsky, james mangold, michael chabon, moonrise kingdom, robin williams, russell crowe, superman: man of steel, wolverine 2, x-men regenesis
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Nightly Nothings: The Avengers Teaser Image, Thurston Moore & Frankenstein


on June 14, 2011

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Movie Nothings

‘Django Unchained’ will land on Christmas Day 2012 and has Leo for sure and Jamie Foxx circling the lead.

When you win an oscar you’re supposed to stop doing movies like this— more

Tagged: coen bros, Django Unchained, frankenstein, grant morrison, noah baumbach, paul thomas anderson
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Nightly Nothings: The Master Release Date, Uncanny X-Men & The Walking Dead


Nightly Nothings: Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom & Batman Inc. Will Return


Nightly Nothings: Star Trek II, Bryan Lee O’Malley & DC Relaunch


on June 06, 2011

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Movie Nothings

Abrams gives some details out on Star Trek II.

Rumors have Tim Burton directing the next installment of ‘Pirates’?

Weinstein and Co say Rounders 2 still has a heartbeat. — more

Tagged: batgirl, batman and robin, DC Relaunch, george perez, j mascis, j.j. abrams, jaws, red hot chili peppers, rounders 2, spiderman: edge of time, star trek 2, superman, taking back sunday, tim burton, x-men
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