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Why Do People Go to Comic-Con?

on July 16, 2012


Eric Garneau covered the San Diego Comic-Con for The MindHut. These are his personal reflections on going to the show for the first time.

Early Thursday in the crowded Room 6DE, before comic writer Jimmy Palmiotti dove into a few of All-Star Western‘s upcoming plotlines for DC’s Dark/Edge panel, he had a few words for the people assembled before him at the San-Diego Comic Con. “I’m so glad you’re here,” he said “because you are the real comic fans.” — more

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Announcing the Nerdy Nothings Hall of Fame!

Hall of Fame

on February 03, 2012

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Here at Nerdy Nothings, we try to keep on top of the world of nerd culture, identifying the comics, movies, music, etc. that drives the industry today. But we also realize that it’s important to honor those who have come before, who’ve reached the pinnacle of nerdom. So, Nerdy Nothings is ready to embark on an extensive project to find the elite in nerd culture: the Nerdy Nothings’ Hall of Fame. — more

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VIDEO: Girl in a Comic Book Shop

on January 04, 2012

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You probably know Rebel Rikki as the fantastic(?)/long-winded(!) reviewer who tackles comics, music, movies and more on a regular basis at this site. But did you know he also spends a lot of time hanging out with people in the Chicago comedy scene? Like, a lot. And it’s some of those friends of his in the Nerdologues troupe that made this video, expertly titled “Girl in a Comic Book Shop.” — more

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Trailer Park Thursday: 21 Jump Street, We Bought A Zoo & Underworld Awakening


on November 03, 2011

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I only really care to see one of these films — ’We Bought A Zoo.’ But I will admit the other two have piqued my interest. Does anyone under 30 even know what ’21 Jump Street’ is? Maybe… but only because it once starred Johnny Depp. I never watched it. It never appealed to me in the slightest. I was too busy wearing out the ribbon on my VHS copy of ‘Gleaming the Cube.’ Ron Swanson in a beard is pretty funny, but in the end there is no way this is good. Hit the jump to stream all three. — more

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Two Things for Tuesday


on October 17, 2011

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This may be the best tumblr I have seen in ages. Teenage Mutant Ninja Noses? Absolute Genius. And Secondly, this Star Wars mash-up poster is tremendous. There are others there too, but they mostly suck.

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on August 19, 2011

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18 years too late. But good luck to the West Memphis Three out in the world that was stolen from them. I am not sure why they had to plead guilty, probably so they can’t sue the state and get money they deserve for having more than half their lives sucked into a dark hole. Here is a quick trailer for the third documentary in the ‘Paradise Lost’ series. Which if you haven’t seen, you must watch tonight. — more

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Live Event: The Nerdologues & Nerdy Nothings Present YOUR STORIES

on August 16, 2011

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Nerdy Nothings and the Nerdologues — two great tastes that go great together. We’ve pimped the Nerdologues comedy troupe a time or two on our site before, like when they were awesome guests on our podcast a few months ago. Once again, those hilarious geeks are putting on a show powered by you, the nerds in the audience, and this time our blog is co-sponsoring the event! Get ready once again for YOUR STORIES. — more

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Bob Dylan loves Scott Baio


on July 22, 2011

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This is old, but new to me because i don’t watch the Jimmy Fallon show, but the more I see of it, the more I think I should. This Dylan impression is just as spot on as his Neil Young. I absolutely love this! Hit the jump… — more

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New Column: Super Serial!

on June 05, 2011


Regular readers of this site will be aware that I recently completed a six-month study of Grant Morrison’s first four years on the Batman titles. The “Great Morrison Bat Study” was my first attempt at looking at the entirety of a body of pop culture art and critically analyzing it as though it was for a college course which, yes, is fun for me. In fact, I liked it so much that I want to do it again. And again. And again. And again. — more

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Live Event: The Nerdologues Presents Your Stories!

on May 11, 2011

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Hey nerds! If you listened to our last podcast (which BTW was really hilarious and fun) you’ll be familiar with the Nerdologues, a Chicago comedy show that features sketches and monologues about what it means to be a nerd in this crazy modern world. It’s a great, great show that I think speaks to everyone who reads this site. — more

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