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15 Unfinished Gems

PopCrunch has a list of 15 potential greats that never got off the launching pad. I am forever waiting for Soderbergh to get off his ass (i mean he only directs 2 movies a year, why so lazy?) and get moving on A Confederacy of Dunces. Is Will Ferrell right for Ignatius? No, probably not, but Mos Def is perfect for Burma.

Also in the list is an assured brain-masher from David Lynch:

Ronnie Rocket, however, seems like it could have been one his best works. In the film, Ronnie, a deformed redheaded midget is kidnapped by a pair of mad scientists who perform experimental surgeries on him, leaving him with strange electrical powers.

Simultaneously, a detective tries to escape a city full of increasingly odd characters (which may or may not be inside Ronnie’s head). Makes perfect sense.

Check out the PopCrunch story for the rest.

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