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5 Netflix Instant Movies You Need To Watch!

Netflix Instant is one of the greatest inventions of all time. Seriously, I use it much more than I do the standard red envelopes, whether its on my iPad, iPhone or through my PS3. Each one picks up where the last left off. Netflix doesn’t just pack the instant queue with old B-movies and junk no one wants to see either, they are constantly refreshing the inventory with classics and new films. Here are five must-see instant movies to watch tonight. Let us hear your suggestions in the comments below.

Me and You and Everyone We Know
Miranda July’s first feature that explores the quirky and complex relationship between a lonely shoe salesman and an eccentric cabbie/artist. The awkward humor and stark photography are reminiscent of Todd Solondz’s work, albeit without the overwhelming cynicism. This is a lighter piece that will make you laugh, but buried underneath the sugary exterior is a deeper film about the complexities of feeling included and connecting with others.

This Is England
1983 England. Being a skinhead was about music, about the way you dress, an apolitical conglomerate of working class ideals. In This Is England, 10-year-old Shaun struggles to find an identity after his father is killed in the Falklands War. A group of skinheads takes the boy under their wing and all is swimming until Combo, an older skinhead with racist tendencies, rejoins the group after a prison sentence. When he tries to steer the group in a neo-nazi direction, the rest of the group takes off. Shaun, still longing for a father figure, sticks around. Shane Meadows based the story on his childhood. The film has the same gritty realism of Meadow’s previous films, Dead Man’s Shoes and Once Upon a Time in the Midlands. A heavy-hitting drama with an amazing performance by Stephan Graham.

Wonder Boys
Michael Chabon’s novel is deftly adapted and brilliantly performed by Tobey Maguire, Michael Douglas and Frances McDormand. Douglas plays the supremely likable Grady Tripp, a stoney English professor struggling to finish his second novel. Maguire is a mopey student with a knack for reciting, upon inquiry, the details of any and all celebrity suicides. His novel grabs the attention of Grady’s bouncy agent (Robert Downey Jr.) who’s in town begging for a taste of Grady’s second novel. Wonder Boys is hilarious. Watch it today, then go read the book.

Moonlight Mile
Another great film that’s based in part on the director’s real life. This time it’s Brad Siberling’s telling of a boyfriend who goes to live with the parents of his recently murdered fiancé. Jake Gyllenhaal brings a nerdy uncomfortableness to his role and you’ll see a pre-Grey’s Anatomy Ellen Pompeo as his love interest. A great seventies soundtrack and stellar acting by Susan Sarandon and Dustin Hoffman make this seemingly bland melodrama a very tight comedy.

The Sweet Hereafter
If you don’t like mellow movies, thoughtful movies, movies where the camera pans slowly across large expanses of land while actors reach deep to find the inner turmoil of their characters, then stay away. If you do dig on any of that, you’ve found the perfect film. The Sweet Hereafter is typical Atom Egoyan, deliberate and beautifully crafted. It’s been called the “The Best Canadian Film of all time.” The story deals with a tragic school bus accident and the ensuing litigation. This isn’t a courtroom drama, but rather a meditation on grieving and acceptance. It’s a must-see when you’re in a particularly pensive mood.

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