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All 22 James Bond Themes RANKED and RATED | Movie Nothings | Nerdy Nothings

All 22 James Bond Themes RANKED and RATED


Analyzing James Bond theme music is kind of like a study in the law of diminishing returns. It’s so fascinating, in this film franchise with now 50 years of history, to see the way each film’s producers decide to present their music. It wouldn’t exactly be fair to say Bond themes have “evolved” since 1962, at least not in any organic way–there’ve been lots of stops, starts, and looks to the past for inspiration. In fact, every time the Bond franchise seems to want to push forward musically, something pulls it back a bit. That’s part of what makes this analysis so interesting.

Over the next four pages, we’re going to look at all of the 22 James Bond themes to date. They’ve been ranked by number, and the pages are split into four categories that are useful for classification–“great,” “good,” “average,” and “bad.” Within those pages, the lists read from top to bottom in terms of quality. Make sense? Great! Then continue reading, and do enjoy!

(by the way, former Nerdy Nothings writer and current contributor to Battleship Pretension Aaron Pinkston wrote a fantastic series of posts on the Bond films for this site, and covering the music was part of those posts. For a second viewpoint, we’ll present his thoughts on the songs as well)

Want to hear all the Bond themes in the order we ranked them? Check out this playlist on Spotify.


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