Cameron Crowe is back


It’s been a while since we have heard from Cameron Crowe. Elizabethtown was pretty disappointing, but everything else he’s touched has been a homerun. According to variety he’s working on a new project called “We Bought a Zoo.”

“Based on Benjamin Mee’s memoir, story centers on a widowed father who buys a dilapidated zoo in hopes of making a fresh start. He and his children, along with a small but loyal staff, work to get the zoo reopened.”

count me in.

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  • Spaceman Spiff

    I still haven’t seen Elizabethtown… probably the only movie of Crowe’s I’ve missed… it worth checking out?

  • Noah Nickels

    Its worth seeing at least once. It was just a little too long for my taste, a whole new movie started up in the third act.

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