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First Look at Colin Farrell in Total Recall | Movie Nothings | Nerdy Nothings

First Look at Colin Farrell in Total Recall


I am very on board for this remake, its an excellent story and if done properly could be a fantastic Bladerunner-esque sci-fi action thriller. Though I do enjoy the first, it’s effects have become dated and it can come off campy and jokey. I haven’t heard if they’re remaking the movie, or trying for a completely original take on the source material. Anyway, here’s a first look at Colin Farrell and it’s not super exciting, he looks, well, like Colin Farrell. But i just want to start spreading the word on this one, I have a good feeling. thanks to playlist for the heads up.

tags: colin farrell, kate beckinsale, len wiseman, total recall

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