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Leon Sequel? Not without Besson…


While I’d love to see a sequel to Léon—or, The Professional as us Americans call it—I’d only want to see it if Luc Besson was back on board. And apparantly Natalie Portman feels the same way according to this post on Spinoff Online.

“Luc won’t direct it himself, and so I’m only interested if he [directs],” she said. “I told him if he would do it himself, I would do it in two seconds. But he won’t.”

Here’s hoping Besson changes his mind and this comes into being. While it won’t be the same without Jean Reno, I think it’d definitely be a worthwhile endeavour.

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  • Kyle Gnepper

    This was a favorite movie of mine, especially when it came out, and I’m with Portman on this. Unless you can get as many elements as possible back for something like this its just not a good idea to continue the story.

    That being said I do wish he’d agree so we could see what happened to Mathilda

  • http://andrewstamm.com Spaceman Spiff

    Totally… I’d love to know what Mathilda did after hanging up her guns and going back to school. They could really take a sequel in any direction they wanted and that’s pretty exciting.

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