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New Scorsese: Hugo Trailer

Scorsese does a 3D family film and let me say it looks really, really cool. I’m a huge Scorsese fan, so I’ll check out just about anything he attaches his name to, and at first I was disappointed he was taking on such light fare, but after watching this trailer, I’m stoked. Hit the jump to watch the trailer for Hugo.

Based on 2007′s fiction novel “The Invention of Hugo Cabret” by Brian Selznick, the film revolves around an orphan boy named Hugo Cabret who dwells inside the wall of a train station in Paris. He spends his days looking for an answer to unveil a mystery that links his late father to an ill-mannered toy shop owner living below him and a heart-shaped lock which seems to have no key. With the help from an eccentric girl named Isabelle, he embarks on an adventure to solve the mystery.

tags: chloe moretz, hugo, jude law, martin scorsese, sacha baron

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