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Poster for Joaquin’s ‘Documentary’ I’m Still Here | Movie Nothings | Nerdy Nothings

Poster for Joaquin’s ‘Documentary’ I’m Still Here

i'm still here

Empire gives us a look at a very cool poster for Joaquin and Casey’s foray into the mock/documentary world. We’ve already seen the footage of Joaquin doing his impression of “the worst hip-hop artist in the world” and the most uncomfortable Letterman interview ever. I am 100% curious. But will this movie actually turn out to be good? Maybe, but I’m guessing no. We’re already too aware of the premise and the joke. It was never believable enough in the first place. He was too terrible a rapper and a bad caricature of the rude-celebrity stereotype. Everyone knew. What makes Borat and Bruno so great is that the audience knew the gag, but the unfortunate bumpkins interacting with Sascha’s characters were clueless. It’ll be interesting to hear the buzz after the film premieres in Venice on September 10th.

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