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Predators vs. Brody

predators poster

Some new international Predators posters have popped up. I’m pretty amped to check out this new foray into the predator franchise. I cut my R-rated-sci-fi teeth on the original Predator movie. I remember sneaking into the theater to see Ah’nold and the dread-locked-kill-machine lock horns when I was 11. That was way too young, and might go a long way toward explaining how I ended up the way I did. Kidding aside, my mouth caught flies for the entire 2 hours I was in the theater. Seeing bodies skinned alive and hung by their toes is not a great way to keep your dreams full of puppies and ice cream. With Robert Rodriguez a guiding force as producer, hopefully this new take will be just as energetic and visceral.

Realistically though, there is a good chance it’s a gigantic turd.

tags: adrien brody, poster, predators, robert rodriguez

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