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Rounders 2?


I couldn’t give you an accurate estimate on how many times I’ve seen Rounders. Too many, is a safe assumption. The movie jump-started a craze. Before poker became a 24/7 quotidian on 3 or 4 different channels, there was Rounders. You’d have to search diligently on ebay to turn up old VHS copies of World Series of Poker events. Now, ESPN runs them in 8-10 hour blocks on the weekends. My friends and I played poker before Rounders, but we’d never heard of Texas Hold ‘em. After Rounders, it’s all we played.

I think a sequel could be really fun. CHUD has the word from the original scripters, that a sequel is in the “cards,” but only if they’re allowed to do it right, with the same actors. I’m glad they’re waiting on this one and not churning out a direct to DVD stink-hole like Lost Boys 2.

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