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Sex and the Cloud City

sex and the cloud city

Tim Siedell lays down the funny and compares the franchises of Star Wars and Sex and the City:

First off, ladies, I get it. It’s your Star Wars. The opening credits make your tummy tickle the same way the Star Wars theme, to this day, gives me a boner. I understand. A pair of expensive shoes worn by Carrie is just like a metallic bikini worn by Princess Leia. Bonerfreakingopolis.

…Miranda is your C-3PO. That’s obvious. Beyond that, I’d just be guessing. Which I can do, legally, because I’m a blogger. Carrie is your Luke. Charlotte is Han Solo. Samantha is Chewbacca. All men are Darth Vader. And I bet there are vibrators involved. Hello, R2-D2.

The rest is even better. Go check it out.

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  • Ibby

    A Star Wars/ Sex on the City comparison(intentionally incorrect to demonstrate my disdain for this HBO show gone too far) hilarious!!!
    Only acceptable from a Star Wars fan and I thought I was the only one stricken with starwarsicrediti arousal.

    Any comparison presented from the perspective of a Sex in the sewers fan spewing blasphemous comparisons forcing me visualize Carrie learning the ways of the Jedi or Charlotte kissing Princess Leia (oh wait, that one is fine). Where was I…. Ranting.., it might cause ..(well I won’t be responible for finishing that with a typical Hollywood ending so madlib it or don’t, whatevs…).

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