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Thor Trailer from Comic-Con

I was apprehensive after seeing the first publicity stills from Thor. The new trailer from Comic-Con has erased those reservations and now I’m pretty amped for the May, 2011 release. The Avengers tie-ins are plentiful and we even get a Tony Stark reference. Kenneth Branagh is an interesting choice to direct and should bring some made-for-the-stage dramatics to the aptly over-the-top family feuding in Asgard. The footage is also clearly intended to alleviate fanboy fears of combining the mystical world of Thor and the “real-world” of Iron Man and Captain America. This one could be good, let’s hope Kenneth learned something from Ang Lee’s Hulk experiment and keeps the melodrama to a minimum. Afterall, this isn’t Shakespeare. We want lightning bolts and hammer smashes.

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